Starting Up

Over the years, I’ve used all kinds of editing systems, from film to the early tape-based non-linear systems, to Avid on ABVB, Meridien and Adrenaline.

In the last month or so, I took a two-day Final Cut Pro refresher class, and almost back to back, spent two days playing with a late beta of Avid Adrenaline HD v2.5. So I’ve got a pretty up to date sense of what both manufacturers are offering. I’ve also been advising a friend about buying a system for cutting $3 million feature films in hi def. And, starting next week, I’ll be cutting a feature using Avid’s Express Pro. All in all, this seems like a great time to start this blog. The key technology trends are laid out in front of us:

  • Low cost, software only editing systems grow up.
  • The internet comes into its own as a distribution medium for video.
  • HD starts to look like the preferred format for “offline” work.
  • Avid and Final Cut continue to compete with each other.

I find these trends interesting on their own, but the bigger picture is how they affect people — both media professionals and average people at home. I plan to talk about all of that in these pages.

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