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I make some pretty large bins in the Media Composer and when they become unmanageable, I move my latest version to a new one and keep going from there. The old bin becomes an archive of all the work I’ve done over a particular period of time. That works okay — until I want to find an old version. Then I have some searching to do.

There are two problems with this. The first is an Avid quirk. If you open a bin, and do just about anything, when you close it you’re going to be forced to wait while it saves. If I don’t know where something is, I may have to open many bins. And if I’m not careful, every one of them is going to save before closing.

Those bins are archives, reference materials for things done months earlier, and I don’t want to change them at all. What I want is the ability to close a bin without saving it. That would be safer and a whole lot faster. I have to believe this represents a trivial engineering assignment and I often wonder why it’s never been done. It sure would save me a lot of time.

Looking deeper, this really points to a problem with bins themselves. I just don’t want to be forced to search through a series of bins, one at a time, to find something. It wouldn’t exactly be easy, but it seems like it ought to be possible to create a unified find function that would create and search a master index of all text in all bins. That would save me a lot of time, too.

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