NAB Speculation

A report today says that Apple is planning to hold a media event at NAB on Sunday April 15th, the day before the show floor opens. There are several things that could be announced, including details about what Apple is up to with Shake, or Logic, or with the color correction software FinalTouch. The company could also announce upgrades to the Mac Pro desktop machines, which are overdue. There’s speculation that we’ll see an 8-core system based on a pair of Intel’s new quad-core CPUs.

But the big question is what’s in store for Final Cut Pro. Final Cut 6 didn’t make it out of the labs last year and it seems almost certain that we’re going to see it in April. But what it will include, nobody knows. We’ve also been hearing rumors for a year now that Apple is working on something called “Final Cut Extreme,” which will be able to handle 4K materials and thus become an inexpensive and very capable finishing system. That might dovetail nicely with an 8-core MacPro.

The question is, what is Avid up to? Next Tuesday (3/6) the company will hold a seminar at the Skirball center in LA to showcase some of its new stuff. The agenda includes info on Avid Interplay, high def offline with DNxHD 36 media and improvements to script based editing with automatic dialog recognition. It should be very interesting.

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