What New Features Look Like

I was going over my book, “Avid Media Composer Techniques and Tips” this weekend. It was originally published way back in 1995, when MC development was advancing very quickly. The book starts with a list of the new features that appeared in Version 5.2. Take a look at this:


Bigger Source and Record Images
Track Panel in the Timeline
Tear Off Button Bar
Script View in Bins
Find Bin Command
Configurable Go-to-Next
Improved Deck Controller


More Real-Time Effects
Dissolves Made from Trim Mode
Easy Real-Time Title Fades
Better Film Fades & Dissolves
Film Blowups


Simpler Full-screen Play
Better One-Frame Audio in 3-Button Play
Trim Sides Play Together
Dupe Detection in the Timeline
Better Waveforms
Control+Drag to Split Tracks
Control+Lasso to Select Transitions
Multi-Camera Capabilities


Lockable Sequences
Multi-Sequence Change Lists
Optical Lists Handle More Effects
Preview Codes in Change Lists
Frame Images in Lists

All of that appeared in one version of the software! And frankly, the previous upgrade, from Version 4.5 to Version 5, was even bigger.

Needless to say, software changes most in the beginning, when developers are still realizing their initial vision (or getting the kinks out of it). It’s unreasonable, and probably undesirable, to see changes continue at this pace throughout the life of a product.

The Media Composer rocked in 1995. And it’s no slouch now. But there were plenty of things that needed work back then, and today there’s a lot of stuff that feels just plain archaic. It’s time to see some new thinking.

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