More Things Pro Tools Does Right

Harry Miller’s column in the latest ACE Magazine covers the many things he likes about the Pro Tools timeline. I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve mentioned many of these things in a previous post. Harry also talks about the ability to create a group of effects and save them as a single object, and the ability to reshape a fade by clicking and dragging.

Avid ought to incorporate this stuff into the MC. They certainly have the expertise to do it, if not from the Pro Tools or Media Composer engineering teams, then from the Fast/Avid Liquid group.

Liquid offers a live timeline, background rendering, simple project backups, the ability to work with a stereo pair as a single object, 5.1 capabilities and direct DVD authoring from within the program. Some of its appealing features are described in this post on AE Portal News.

When Apple buys a company it rapidly incorporates the purchased technology into its flagship products. When Avid buys a company it too often puts it on autopilot. That might be good for existing customers over the short term, but long term it’s wasteful and self-destructive.

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