Avid Names a New CEO

In a much anticipated development, Avid announced the hiring of Gary Greenfield as CEO and chairman of the board. He’ll replace Nancy Hawthorne, who served as temporary CEO while a permanent replacement for David Krall was found. Hawthorne will assume the role of lead director on the board. Avid’s press release included the following quotes:

Hawthorne: “We sought a leader who had direct experience in helping complex and multi-dimensional public companies achieve their goals. Gary is an outstanding choice to lead the company into a new era of growth.”

Greenfield: “Avid has a rich 20-year history as a vibrant and innovative technology pioneer, whose family of brands stands at the forefront of technology for the digital media and entertainment industries — that’s what made the opportunity to join the company so attractive. I believe Avid can become a true media powerhouse and I am excited to lead that charge.”

Greenfield formerly led a company called GXS, a “provider of business-to-business integration, synchronization and collaboration solutions.” You can listen to the company’s conference call introducing Greenfield here. (I couldn’t make it work on a Mac. Maybe you’ll have better luck on a PC.)

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One Comment on “Avid Names a New CEO”

  1. Norman Says:

    It’s probably too early for me to really know anything about this, but I’m pretty encouraged about this hire. I explain why in an entry on my blog.

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