Segment Mode in a Complex Timeline, Part 2

In the previous post on this subject (available here), I left out one big issue, namely how segment drag works with sync locks. There are two choices for this, selected via a checkbox in the timeline settings window:

Sync Locks Setting

“Segment Drag Sync Locks” inserts black during a segment mode drag and that ought to solve some problems. But it does it in such a strange way that I can’t imagine how anyone would use it. (And you can still throw your timeline out of sync with sync locks on, which shouldn’t be possible.)

Here’s what happens if you drag picture only with that check box selected:

Picture 4-Pix Only Seg Locks On

Sync is no better than when this option is off, and track still gets broken up.

If I drag picture and sound together I get this:

Picture 5-Pix And Track Segment Locks On

Once again, black is added but in a totally unhelpful way and sound is broken up.

None of these methods do what I need, allowing me to move groups of overlapped clips around in the timeline without breaking any of them into parts. There’s no easy way to do that now and there should be.

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2 Comments on “Segment Mode in a Complex Timeline, Part 2”

  1. Igor Says:

    You know, an interesting (but still a bit cumbersome) solution could be introducing a multi-item clipboard. Maybe it sounds silly, but in that manner I thnik that one could just do cut-cut, paste-paste, and that would be it, right? And besides, i think a multi-item clipboard could be useful for other things, such as repeating shots, title backgrounds and such… What do you think about that thought?

  2. Steve Says:

    Igor — multiple item clipboards have been tried in other applications and, generally, the added complication isn’t worth it for the majority of users. But you can do something similar in the MC by copying and then hitting the “clipboard contents” icon. This will copy the contents of your clipboard to the source monitor. You can do that over and over again and each copied item will end up in the source monitor named “clipboard contents.0x” Then, use the source monitor menu to pick and choose what you want.

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