Time for the EDL Change List

There are some features that have been on the wish list for so long that we no longer remember that there could be a better way. The EDL change list is one such feature. When you online a show and need to make further changes, you want to use the first online as a source. The only way to do that is to digitize the online, load it into a new video track and cut it along with your normal material. That is an unnecessary burden, which slows down the editorial process and makes simple changes much too complicated.

The whole process is especially frustrating because the Media Composer could easily create the list you need, comparing your old sequence with your new one and creating a list that references the first as a source. This isn’t totally trivial, but in 2008 it’s not rocket science.

Avid mentions this in a recently posted FAQ about the new systems:

Avid FilmScribe will export XML for all sequences with all source and record side metadata. All standard Avid columns as well as user custom metadata will be output as a single XML file. Transforms can applied to the master XML to create EDLs, Change List EDLs, Scan lists, etc. Transforms can be created by users and manufacturers and easily shared as needed.

Indeed, XML export is an important new feature and it will pave the way for many new capabilities. But the problem here is in the words “created by users and manufacturers.” We shouldn’t have to wait for a third party application to implement this important feature. We’ve been asking for it since the mid-’90s. It’s time for Avid to put it into every Media Composer.

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6 Comments on “Time for the EDL Change List”

  1. Norman Says:

    I’ve been begging for this feature for years. I was told that it was completely possible in the old code but had never been raised up to a TO DO level. Perhaps in a world of 24P this isn’t as necessary (though I’d disagree with that) and, perhaps, in a land where onlines are going away, it’s also less necessary.

    But every time I’d make a change in a television show, I could hear the sound department cry from all the way across the lot.

    You’re right — long long long past due.

  2. MichaelP Says:

    Steve –

    Thanks for the write-up, but you are missing some of the detail plans. The XML out will allow manufacturers and downstream processes to create their own “XML Transforms”, but it was never said that EDL Change Lists would be left to that. Avid wil supply, and continue to supply these transforms for a variety of uses. At the LA Sneak Peek, I showed EDL transforms from the XML as part of the demo, as well as CSV, locater lists, storyboard, etc. as small examples of what can be done. All of those transforms will ship with the product – The same transforms can be applied against the Change List XML to get what you are asking for.

    The plan is to host a FilmScribe landing page on Avid.com allowing users to share as needed, any of these transforms. These can be dragged ito the FilmScribe directory along with the Avid supplied transforms for your own use.

    In addition to the XML oututs, there has been a lot of fixes to the existing FilmScribe output lists.


  3. matzi Says:

    Although edl change lists certainly sound like a nice new addition I still think that the traditional change list tool in filmscribe will not entirely go away.
    It has provided a semi-automated way of some sort to generate a list that compares version.old to version.new. The sound guys like it too.

  4. Steve Says:


    Are you saying that Avid has plans to soon add functionality that will generate an EDL change list?


  5. MichaelP Says:

    Yes, we will be providing many of the transforms to start with to provide a host of functions such as EDL’s based on File names, etc. as well as a transform for a change list EDL. As fast as Avid and others create these transforms, the plan is to provide a hosting site on avid.com or user to share and use.


  6. Agustin Says:

    That’s Great news!!! I can’t wait to see the 3.0 version of MC!!!!!

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