Version 3 is Out – Almost

On Monday, Avid officially released Media Composer Version 3, along with new hardware that finally does away with the firewire connection used by Adrenaline and Mojo. And yesterday many of us received emails saying the products were shipping.

Early reports indicate that the build is solid and feels significantly more responsive than previous versions, and I, for one, am very eager to get my hands on it. But there was one big catch. Media Composer on Macintosh isn’t qualified with Adrenaline or Mojo. Yes, the new version finally runs under Leopard, but due to a conflict between Leopard’s firewire code and the Adrenaline/Mojo firewire driver you risk crashing the OS using that hardware.

The bug hasn’t been seen in Tiger, but MC 3.0 hasn’t been qualified in Tiger. I know that our friends in Tewksbury have been working hard on this and, needless to say, they don’t have control over what Apple does. But I’m surprised that they didn’t qualify the new version under 10.4, something they are doing belatedly, now. There are people who will want to run Media Composer 3 without doing a full upgrade of the OS, and that should have been possible at release.

For more, see “important note 1” in the press release.

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