DS v10

Avid showed off DS version 10 last night at an event at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. The new version boasts impressive speed and a new approach to processing based on the host computer and the GPU in the video card (an Nvidia FX 3700). In other words, no more Nitris. They were able to show 2K material with secondary color correction playing in real time with good responsiveness.

The package includes an 8-core Windows CPU with 8 Gigs of RAM, a single 30″ monitor and either 8 or 16 Terabytes of fast RAID 5 storage, for $50-60,000. Also included is a copy of DS software that can be run independently on a second CPU and a copy of Media Composer software, too.

The system relies on an off-the-shelf AJA card rather than Avid’s old Nitris box to handle I/O. And you no longer get Symphony when you buy DS. A lot of MC conforming works better with Symphony and that will apparently entail a separate purchase.

DS began life as a competitor to Media Composer, but when Avid bought Softimage in the late ’90s it had to morph into something that would complement it as a conforming engine that also offered high end visual effects capabilities. That’s never been a slam dunk because DS can’t fully recreate all Avid effects, and thus there’s been a continuing need for Symphony.

This latest DS showed very impressive performance and does it at a much lower price point than before. Avid is reaching out to customers in a way that most of its competitors cannot, and it’s offering a complete turnkey system with comprehensive support. In the environments where a product like this lives that’s critical. Details are here.

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4 Comments on “DS v10”

  1. Mat Says:

    OH MAN! I wish Media Composer could just use an AJA card rather then their inflated mojo crap!

  2. Previn Says:


  3. Paul M Says:

    Actually, there NEVER has been any CPU processing done in the Nitris Box, it’s always been just a breakout box, so no real quantum shift there. Before its release it was touted as being a super-processor, but that was never ever the case, hence the misconception. The processing has always been done in the host computer.

    • DSer Says:

      Paul M,
      Not true, the Nitris bob has a board for processing effects in real-time (known as a green ribbon on the timeline), and thus is a hardware accelerator as well as an IO box.

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