A Balanced View of Media Composer and Final Cut

That Post Show” is an interesting new podcast, focusing on editing and post production, created by bay area editor John Flowers. You can get it via the iTunes Store, here or at the show’s website, thatpostshow.com. John has only produced eight shows so far, but they’re already full of good material. The latest episode covers Avid’s recent announcements.

Scott Simmons is a regular contributor, and he hosts his own blog, “The Editblog,” which now offers tech tips for both Media Composer and Final Cut Pro along with some helpful comparisons of the two aps.

What makes these two resources unusual is how balanced and fair-minded they are. After years of hype about Final Cut, it’s refreshing to hear people talk rationally about the real-world strengths and weaknesses of these applications. That kind of dialog will help all of us, and it’ll make both programs better, too.

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