Avid’s New Look

avid-logo-imageAvid went live with it’s new look and “brand identity” yesterday, showing off a completely redesigned web site  with a new logo based on symbols from the UI. The idea is integration — bringing the once-separate business units together around a single point of view. My first impression is that the new site is far more appealing than the old one and is much more focused. Bringing Avid’s separate businesses together can’t happen fast enough. The press release is here.

The company also announced official support for Final Cut media on Unity and Isis, as well as new support options for all customers.

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8 Comments on “Avid’s New Look”

  1. Philipp Says:

    I have also written something in that context (http://cutting-edge.posterous.com/one-avid), I am excited if this is just a “marketing mission” or a real state of mind. I am not sure, yet.

    “My first impression is that the new site is far more appealing than the old one and is much more focused.”
    Not at all. The first three points in the list on the left are:
    1. Education
    2. Home Enthusiasts
    3. Artists & creative Pros
    Also, when clicking on #4, Picture & Sound facilities, I can read a lot of marketing bull-shit but to actually find products you have to search a bit. Not very clever, in my opinion.

  2. ron sussman Says:

    the new logo is horrible. looks like an 80’s reject. does not give the impression of “forward thinking”. Avids presentations at NAB seemed tired especially with companies like Imagineer systems and Furnace designing plugins spacificly for FCP. Avid comes off being very old school and the new logo does not help

  3. JoeyT Says:

    Thank god Avid finally adressed editors needs by creating a new logo and marketing campaign. Thanks Avid!

    How bout less time designing logos…more time fixing common sense issues. The new logo does not help me do zooms on a picure and retain resolution.

    It doesn’t help me put a soft drop shadow on a graphic.

    It doesn’t help me import a .wmv, .flv,.mpg.

    I miss the days when NAB meant earth shaking innovations and excitement for users.

  4. Philipp Says:

    “The new logo does not help me do zooms on a picure and retain resolution.”
    How would you implement this? You will always lose resolution by zooming into a pixel-based graphic.

    “The new logo does not help me do zooms on a picure and retain resolution.” AFAIK this is already possible.

    “It doesn’t help me import a .wmv, .flv,.mpg.”
    You are talking about keyframed formats, which are not nicely editable by reason: compression! You can ofcourse transcode them using Squeeze, for example.

    But all in all I do not see a benefit from the redesign as well.

  5. Philipp Says:

    I pasted the wrong citation in point 2:

    “It doesn’t help me put a soft drop shadow on a graphic.”
    AFAIK this is already possible.

  6. JoeyT Says:

    By zoom into graphic, I am basically reffering to being able to import a still and keep its original resolution. ie (Avid Pan and Zoom)but without going thru the whole process of Avid Pan and Zoom.

    AFAIK there is no “soft” in the shadow for PIPs,matte keys, 3d or otherwise.Yes in Marquee and Saphire-No in Avid.I am not saying there is no way(with mulitple steps/layers).It certainly isn’t as easy as it should be….BTW If you know a way, I would love to hear it.

    BTW I realize I can transcode .wmvs,.flzs etc with squeeze….Why can’t this be a one step process. Everything is transcoded going into avid anyways (MXF).
    All technicalities aside, my main point is new branding/marketing/logos/website redesigns does not excite me in the least.

  7. Steve Says:

    Perhaps Avid made a mistake by introducing version 3.5 ahead of the show. But it seems to me that they are making significant progress on many fronts. They had to do something about the web site and they had to do something about their brand image. No, it’s not perfect. But it’s sure better than “make, manage, move media.” And AMA represents a very significant fork in the road for them. Ditto the price adjustments they made a year ago. They also continue to add significant improvements for basic editing (select forward, tc burn-in, attenuate on input, FluidTracker, etc). They’ve got an awful long way to go and a lot of fixin’ to do. But I think they are doing many of the things that need to get done.


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