Media Composer Makes Nice with Snow Leopard

Avid released Media Composer version 4.0.4 this afternoon. The big news is that the new release is certified to work with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.2). The bad news is that Avid recommends a clean install of Snow Leopard, not an upgrade.

Here’s the relevant section from the ReadMe (page 4):

This release has been qualified with Mac OS® X Snow Leopard® v10.6.2.

You cannot perform an upgrade from the Leopard to the Snow Leopard OS. You must perform a clean install of Snow Leopard in order for the editor installer to install properly. See your Apple documentation for information on performing a clean install.

The upgrade is also reputed to fix a critical bug with Nitris and Mojo DX systems, where Fast Scrub would cause much-too-frequent waveform redraws. See this post for details. MC 4.0.4 will also work with Leopard, version 10.5.8.

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6 Comments on “Media Composer Makes Nice with Snow Leopard”

  1. Robin Buday Says:

    It’s generally good practice to do clean installs of OSX whether you are upgrading Media Composer or not so this is okay I guess….

  2. Jordan Goldman Says:

    Are you kidding me?

    I was waiting for this bug to be fixed so I could buy a copy of MC for my laptop.
    I’ve been on Snow Leopard for months now. Why on earth would I want to do a clean install, other than to fix their bug? What are they thinking?

  3. Jordan Goldman Says:

    Clarification – the bug I meant in the post above was that MC wouldn’t work on Snow Leopard. I guess that’s not technically a bug, but I was annoyed, so please forgive me.

  4. Steve Says:

    I’m hearing informally that the caution about upgrading is just that, a caution. There’s nothing specific to prevent you upgrading, and it may work fine.

    But Avid ought to clarify this publicly. It will be an impediment to many people and if it’s just “a clean install is always safer” rather than “you can’t upgrade, it won’t work,” they ought to say so.

    Has anybody tried running 4.0.4 on top of an upgrade yet?

  5. Mark B Says:

    Nice new feature worth noting in v4.0.4 – Activating and Deactivating the Client Monitor Display gives you the ability to quickly toggle the external video monitor ON/OFF. Useful, for example, when screening for a client and you want to make some tweaks without them seeing what you are doing.

  6. Steve Says:

    Great news. I’ve been lobbying for that for a while now. I’m glad it got in. I call it “privacy mode.”

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