Multi-Touch Gets Cheaper

Computer scientists from N.Y.U.’s Media Research Lab have formed a company called Touchco to make a new kind of touch panel that will cost less and be more powerful than the ones you’re familiar with. The new technology allows for unlimited touch points, compared to the current capacitive technology that maxes out at five. And it’s pressure sensitive, so an appropriate application can respond to not only the position of your fingers but how hard they are pressing on the panel. Best of all, it’s cheap — about $10 a square foot.

Think of it as a big, infinitely configurable editing controller. Scrubbing by moving your fingers over a surface, dragging to control multi-speed playback, adjusting visual effects by touching — these are the first things that come to my mind, but I’m sure you can think of other possibilities. Check out  this video on YouTube or the many videos on the Touchco home page and imagine it working in your favorite editing application.

Details and pictures are in this NY Times Blog Post.

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