More MC5 Features & Videos

Adding to the list from yesterday, here are a few more new features in Media Composer 5:

  • The ability to select timeline views from the keyboard (hallelujah!).
  • Separate solo and mute buttons for each audio track.
  • Ability to turn on waveforms for each track independently.
  • Ability to deactivate any audio track to save system resources (this is different from hitting the old speaker icon — which didn’t really deactivate the track).
  • Standard “landing bar” for the timeline cursor — at the top of the timeline window.
  • Not only does linked selection work in segment mode, it also works in trim mode. When it’s on, if you select video for trimming, audio is selected, as well (and vice versa).
  • Red support means that you can directly play R3D files and also apply and change color value information using a histogram (and in your choice of colorspaces: REDSpace, Camera RGB, and REC.709).
  • And last but not least, AMA support for native ProRes files.

Avid’s Bob Russo does a good job demonstrating most of the new features in this 5 minute youtube video.

And in a this 15 minute video podcast from the Avid booth at NAB, Matt Feury goes over the new features (and some old features) and shows how they work together in the editing room. Avid Events Rewind Blog. Same thing on iTunes.

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One Comment on “More MC5 Features & Videos”

  1. Miles Says:

    “Separate solo and mute buttons for each audio track.”

    Are these keyboard mappable? I hope so. Does the Timeline stop playing each time they are pressed? I hope not.

    “Not only does linked selection work in segment mode, it also works in trim mode.”

    Does activating ‘linked selection’ highlight ALL uses of a masterclip,
    anywhere it exists on timeline, or just the clips visible onscreen or placed under the cursor?


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