Stand Up Desks

A piece in today’s NY Times focuses on the advantages of sit/stand computer tables. Recent research shows that you burn a lot more calories standing than sitting. For those of us who now sit on our butts all day every day, and have the repetitive motion problems and weight gain that goes with it, an option that let’s you vary your position during the day might be  worth considering. Sit/stand desks aren’t not as expensive as you might think and some are motorized. The story is here: Can’t Stand to Sit Too Long? There’s a Desk for That.

And here’s an excellent and surprising article about the many health benefits of standing: Stand Up While You Read This!

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6 Comments on “Stand Up Desks”

  1. AndrewK Says:

    On one hand I understand why people are saying standing is better but on the other hand I worked a lot of retail jobs when I was younger and being on my feet for 8-10hrs a sucked. I’m looking for a new desk so maybe I’ll re-visit standing up. Or maybe I’ll split the difference and get one of those big balls to sit on.

  2. Steve Says:

    Some people swear by those balls. But they can occasionally burst, so watch out!


  3. I’m not sure standing all day would work for me, especially when I have a client or two by my side all day. I need to figure out how to combat arthritis in my right hand brought on by using a pen and tablet all day.

  4. […] I just came across an interesting blog entry by Avid editor and blogger, Steve Cohen, entitled Stand Up Desks which I thought quite interesting. It’s a workstation that you stand at rather than being seated […]

  5. Mike S Says:

    I’m laid up in bed with a bad back from sitting in front of the pc for months working on my current project (

    Now doing research on a new computer desk to elavated this back problem.

    Any recommendations.

    Mike S

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