Avid Agility and Media Composer 5.5

Some of you may be wondering whether I’m planning an update to “Avid Agility” for Media Composer 5.5. The answer is yes. It’ll be a relatively minor update, with changes confined to the new features (mainly Find, PhraseFind, the Transition Tool and Legacy/Classic Trim Mode). There will also be adjustments in the illustrations to reflect the new arrangement of the Smart Tool. Those of you who are editing with Version 5 will probably want to stick with the current book because the screen images match the software you’re using. Those of you who expect to use Version 5.5 will want the new version. It should be available at Amazon in about three weeks and will be listed as the “Second Edition.” The first edition will continue to be available through the publisher, CreateSpace.

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9 Comments on “Avid Agility and Media Composer 5.5”

  1. Kåre Nejmann Says:

    Could you make the second edition available for Kindle or something similar. I’d really like to buy your book but getting a real paper book here to Denmark is costly when shipping, 25% VAT, import duties and a 30$ import handling fee is added :-(

  2. Steve Says:


    Good to know — and I’m sorry to hear that. I’m working on it and I understand the need. The illustrations are a problem on the small screen (and in B&W). They have to all be redone. Pretty big job. But I hear you.


  3. alex Says:

    I bought the book and had it shipped to france and i must echo Kåre’s comment. It was very expensive compared to other instructional books.
    I’m really happy about it, it is what i was expecting it to be and clearly a lot better than the other avid book i own. But the difference in price is still significant.

    For me the problem was not the absence of a pdf/digital version but rather the fact that the book is only listed on amazon.com and not on the local european amazon shops (like .fr or .co.uk). So the shipping cost is sensibly higher.
    It’s a distribution problem and i don’t know how you or your publisher could remedy it, but clearly it makes buying the book from overseas quite expensive compared to focal press books for example, which are all stocked on europeans amazon shops.

  4. Steve Says:

    Alex & Kåre —
    Thanks very much for the feedback. I hear you, and I am actively working on creating something that will have decent looking illustrations. Not trivial, but possible if I can find the time. Did either of you try buying through CreateSpace? They’ve told me that this is a better deal for non-US buyers.



  5. Kåre Says:

    Hi Steve
    I’ve just had a look at CreateSpace and their shipping rates to Denmark are higher than Amazon.com’s. Unless they are shipping from somewhere in Europe (and that does not seem to be the case) that does not look like a better deal to me ;-/
    I hope you find the time to make a digital version – or a way to get the printed one on amazon.co.uk :-)

  6. Marcin Zwolski Says:

    I second Alex & Kåre. I’d love to see iPad (Kindle for iPad/Mac) version too. Instant accesss (with – hopefully – easy, if necessary, updates) and eco-friendly.

    Best regards,

  7. Steve Says:

    Thanks, guys. I am focusing on a Kindle version and also considering an iBook. Will Kindle work for you?


  8. Joe Says:

    I vote Kindle version. I too am limiting my book buying to Kindle versions and Avid Agility 5.5 is on my list.

  9. Kåre Nejmann Says:

    I’d buy the Kindle version today if I could :-)

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