Avid Agility for Kindle

Today, I’m very excited to announce the release of Avid Agility for Kindle. As many of you know, I’ve been busy working on this version for months now, hoping to create an ebook that fully incorporates the printed book’s illustrations and looks as good on screen as it does on paper. I’m proud to say that the version I’m releasing today is every bit as effective as the traditional one, especially on larger color screens, and it has some important advantages: it’s easier to carry around, you can quickly search for anything you’re interested in, all cross references are active and clickable — and it’s less expensive.

Remember that you can read Kindle books on all kinds of devices, not just the Kindle itself, where the black and white screen is a limitation. Avid Agility looks particularly good on the iPad, where the big color screen works wonders for the illustrations, and it’s also available on the iPhone and on Android phones and tablets. The free Kindle apps for Mac and PC mean that you can have the book where you need it most — on your editing system, while you work.

The new Kindle version is also available in many European countries, where you can get it without having to pay shipping charges.

The book has gotten terrific reviews: from some of the most important editors in Hollywood to relative neophytes. You can be reading it in seconds by ordering from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Find out more about it here. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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5 Comments on “Avid Agility for Kindle”

  1. J Says:

    Bought it, and going trough it now. I have nearly 15 years of Avid experience and consider myself fairly proficient, yet there are still “aha!” moments on nearly every page. Highlighting them as I go through for future reference. Well done Steve!

  2. Steve Says:

    J — thanks so much for letting me know. That makes it all worthwhile!


  3. Andi Says:

    Are there any plans for a physical copy being released in the UK Steve? Finding it very hard to get hold of and don’t have an iSlab!

  4. Steve Says:

    Sadly, I’m afraid that you have to buy it from Amazon.com and pay the shipping.

    I wish I had a better answer for you —


  5. Ed S Says:

    Hi Steve,

    This Is just a general question, not specific to your book, but why do kindle books cost almost the same as a hard printed version? Isn’t printing, handling and shipping a lot of what the final cost of a book is?



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