Avid Reinstates FCP Cross-Grade

In the wake of Apple’s perceived abandonment of the professional editing community, and the desire of many FCP users to take fresh look at the competition, Avid will reinstate their Final Cut Pro “cross-grade” offer on July 5th, making it possible once again for licensed users of FCP (through version 7) to purchase a copy of Media Composer for $999, and find out why so many Media Composer editors would rather fight than switch. For details, see this message from Avid CEO Gary Greenfield. If you’re a student, you can take advantage of Avid’s academic pricing and get MC for $300, or you can download it for a 30-day free trial.

If you’re moving to Media Composer from Final Cut, I recommend that you take a look at my book Avid Agility. It’s your best way to get the most out of MC, and do it quickly. As one reviewer put it, it’s “the quickest path to becoming a Media Composer Jedi Master.” Check out additional reviews and sample pdfs here or order it from Amazon.

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