Amazon Reinstates Discounts on Avid Agility

Those of you who are thinking about purchasing my book “Avid Agility” may have noticed that Amazon stopped discounting it last week. Their discount formula is a closely guarded secret, but I’m happy to say that humans can prevail, and after I talked with tech support, they’ve reinstated it. In fact, they’re now offering the book at their lowest price ever — just $30.99, making this a terrific time to pick up a copy. With its detailed illustrations and simple explanations, “Avid Agility” is a great way to learn about using Media Composer in the real world. Check out reviews and order it from Amazon. Or take a look at the sample pdfs here.

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3 Comments on “Amazon Reinstates Discounts on Avid Agility”

  1. Frank Dima Says:

    Will there be an update anytime soon to reflect MC 6 ???

  2. Steve Says:


    I’m working on it, but you won’t see it soon. The new UI is mostly cosmetic, but it represents an awful lot of work for your humble independent author. Except for the UI, 3D-stereo, and the support of new hardware, 6 is not so different from 5.5, which is another way of saying that the current edition is still very relevant.


  3. sharad Says:

    I was postponing the purchase for long time. Now I think i should grab it now before they decide to discontinue the discount again!

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