Splice Here -> Splice Now

This site has been called “Splice Now” for many months now, but the original “Splice Here” URL has continued to work. That time is now coming to an end. Sometime in the next few days, the SpliceHere URL will be formally transferred to a post house in Minneapolis, the result of a trademark dispute. Please double check your links and subscriptions and make sure they are pointed to splicenow.com. Once the transfer is complete, links to splicehere.org will stop working.

These are the correct links:

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3 Comments on “Splice Here -> Splice Now”

  1. What about “SpliceWhere”? ;-)

  2. Grant Says:

    Splice is a very popular brand of iceblock here downunder. Just sayin…

  3. GroovyBrent Says:

    Hope the move isn’t too disruptive. Looking forward to more content!

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