Avid Announces Media Composer 7 for $999

Avid announced MC7 at NAB today. Along with some important new features, the upgrade features a major price drop: MC is now just $999 and the Symphony color corrector can be added as a $1500 upgrade.

frameflex 3

New Features Include:

  • Master Audio Fader to adjust overall levels.
  • Quick access to direct clip gain adjustment in the timeline.
  • Watch folders where you can put media and have it automatically transcoded, (“Dynamic Media Folders”).
  • Background Consolidate & Transcode
  • Improved AMA media management — apparently via the Media Tool.
  • LUT and frame size control from raw media — Avid calls this the FrameFlex Tool. (But you can’t edit with frame sizes larger than HD).
  • Support for Interplay Sphere, letting you work with media located remotely on an Interplay server. MC with Interplay is $1499, and Isis gets a price cut.

The press release is here. Additional details and pictures are here. MC7 will be available in June.

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3 Comments on “Avid Announces Media Composer 7 for $999”

  1. What about LKFS / LUFS monitoring for loudness???? Any news as to weather there will be any radars included in MC?

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