Moyers and Verone at National Media Reform Conference

Moyers at NCMRBill Moyers gave a terrific, passionate and eloquent speech at the National Conference on Media Reform on Friday and I encourage anybody interested in this growing field to check it out. He makes the case that media consolidation and the concomitant narrowing of points of view in the national news represents a critical turning point for our democracy. You can listen to to it as MP3 audio or watch it as Quicktime video.

Patrick Verrone, President of the Writers Guild of America West, also spoke. He’s revealing himself to be one of the most visionary union leaders in media, eager to look at the bigger societal and political issues that shape the landscape we work in. He recently helped sponsor a showing of “Who Needs Sleep,” Haskel Wexler’s seminal film about overwork in the film business and society at large. DVDs of the film are now available for purchase. All the NCMR sessions are available as audio files; the session Verrone participated in, on commercialism and advertising is here.

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