More on the Media Reform Conference

I continue to listen to audio from the National Conference for Media Reform, which was held last weekend in Memphis. All of the conference sessions were recorded, and they’re available as MP3 files that can be played through your browser or downloaded to an iPod. Transcripts and videos are available as well.

As I work my way through this material, I’m struck by how much of a watershed event this conference was. Media reform, something that seemed very fringy just a couple of years ago, is finally moving into the mainstream, and the effects are going to be felt for years to come. Groups from across the political spectrum are involved.

Most Americans are dissatisfied with the state of our media. But at the same time, they seem to believe that it’ll never change. That may not be true anymore. If you want to learn more, check out some of the sessions from this remarkable event. As starting points, I’d recommend these two speeches:

Bill Moyers

Ed Markey – Chair of the House Telecommunications subcommittee.

For more about Network Neutrality, go to the Save the Internet web site, and join the million and a half people who have signed the petition there.

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