Clip Comments/Bin Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m always wishing that I could see clip comments in frame view bins. I make a lot of sequences (and sub-sequences of different versions and alternates) and even though you can create clip names of any length, sometimes it’s helpful to make longer notes. Yes, I know I can see comments in text view, but I arrange sequences in a visual grid where position means something and I don’t want to switch views to see comments. I’d like to see a second line of text under a clip, or have the comment pop open if I pause my cursor over a clip.

By the same token, I’d love to have a comment column for bins. It’s galling enough that I can’t make a bin name that’s longer than 27 characters, even though the OS no longer has a problem with this, but I’d like more. A description of what the bin contains and why I might want to open it, visible in the project window, would be very helpful. A typical project for me lasts six to twelve months and produces hundreds of bins. In the Avid I can’t search across bins, so getting some help figuring out what a bin contains would be welcome.

These two features seem pretty simple to me and I venture that they’d appeal to a lot of people. For my money, they’d be a lot more desirable than some other features that would take a lot more effort to create.

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4 Comments on “Clip Comments/Bin Comments”

  1. Liam Says:

    I’ve been working out my own little short hand for bin and file naming…Hopefully it will be a great benefit to me once i have it refined. I’m basing it on cell phone TXT message abbreviations. Not sure how user friendly it will be for co-workers who are not TXT message savvy though.
    Tlk 2 u l8r!

  2. Edit Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Avid is working on a new interface that looks like something out of Minority Report. Or not.

  3. Rainer Says:

    To search across all online media (I know, that’s not exactly what you’re asking for, as it excludes clips that are offline) you can open the media tool. Or you can create an All Clips bin…

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