The Blackberry and the Editing Room

I’ve generally felt bad for folks who have to carry Blackberries. These people inevitably spend more and more of their time looking down at that little screen. No matter what they’re doing it can interrupt them. They lose a certain part of the lives.

But as an editor, I’ve come to enjoy working with producers and directors who are thumb typists. Why? Because when they work with me, they can communicate quietly.

Nobody can sit next to an editor and stay focused all day long. There’s just too much down time for the person who isn’t doing the work. In the old days that often meant the phone. Whoever was in the room with me was often talking, and a big part of my job was filtering out that talk so I could concentrate on the job. But with the Blackberry the talk goes away and is replaced by the subtle sound of little keys clicking. And that, folks, is a beautiful thing.

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One Comment on “The Blackberry and the Editing Room”

  1. Liam Says:

    Wow i think thats the first positive i have heard in reference to someone else’s Blackberry usage! Speaking of loud clients…I just had a client who persisted in inviting his friends and associates “down to the studio” to see his latest project. At one point I had 4 non industry folk sitting behind me making comments and talking amongst themselves…Patience, patience!

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