More Laptop Issues

Numeric Trim Displays

More and more, I see myself working from various locations on a show — anchored in an editing room, of course, but bringing stuff home or to the set to work on or to show people.

Avid could do some useful work in this area, making it easier for us to edit on the go. I mentioned some of these things yesterday. Here are a couple of additional things I’d like to see:

1. “Pack and Go” — I’d like to be able to select a bin or bins and tell the system to copy all relevant media, and the bins themselves, to another drive or to a laptop. Media should be put in the right place, bins go into the project folder on the laptop. One-click simplicity.

2. The Media Composer expects you to have a dedicated numeric keypad. But laptops don’t have them, and that creates some problems. You can change a dissolve length in the timeline using the regular number keys (at the top of the keyboard). But if you want to trim numerically — or even just move around in the timeline numerically — you’ve got to hit the number lock key, use the embedded keypad (and go blind finding the keys) and then finally turn number lock off, because it locks out all the other keys. Final Cut does not have this problem. You can trim and move around with the normal number keys. And Final Cut adds another bit of finesse — when you customize your keyboard, the template is smart enough to show you the keyboard you’re really using.

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