Tab Between Open Windows with Witch

Witch Screen Shot

Thanks to a suggestion from Mark Burton (on this page), I’ve been experimenting with a little OSX utility called “Witch” for the last week or so — and I like it a lot. It allows you to quickly switch from one window to another, much as you now switch from one application to another using command-tab.

With Witch installed, you switch between windows with option-tab (or whatever keystroke you prefer). If you hit it once, you go to the last window you used; if you hold it down you can choose from a menu of open windows. It’s simple and intuitive, and on a laptop Avid, where screen real estate is at a premium and overlapping windows are the way to go, I find it really useful.

Witch is free, but if you like it, send the author, Peter Maurer, a donation.

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6 Comments on “Tab Between Open Windows with Witch”

  1. Mark Burton Says:

    Also if you just want to see the current open Bins in the overlay list, you can also set it up to ignore the ‘Timeline’, ‘Composer’ and even the project window, plus any other window you might not wan to see in the list. This makes it very intuitive for quickly finding the Bin you want as thats all that shows in the list.

  2. Erik Says:

    Avid should integrate this feature into AXP / MC.

  3. Liam Says:

    Got it for FCP, takes command+tab to a whole other world! cheers guys!

  4. Steve Says:

    I just made a nice little discovery (which may be obvious to some of you):

    command-` (command-back tick) cycles through all open windows in the current application — without the need for any additional software.

    The back tick is the key above the tab key. So, you use command-tab to move through applications, and the key above it (plus command) to move through the ap’s windows. Slick.

  5. Peter Mergus Says:

    Hey Steve, long time no see, love your blog. I use a MS 5-button mouse with the fourth and fifth buttons (directly over the thumb) activating Expose: all windows and desktop. I now find it almost impossible to work without it and it makes working on a laptop almost as efficient as a big ol’ meridien.

    And thanks for your post on HD storage reqs. I’ve been trying to nail down that info for a while now!

  6. Steve Says:

    Welcome– glad to see you here. I use an MS Intellimouse with the five buttons, too. I like having double-click mapped to a single button. I tried a lot of ergonomic gear years ago and eliminating the constant double clicking to load clips into the source monitor was the only thing that really helped my wrist.


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