More Scroll Wheel Tips

Avids now make much better use of a mouse with a scroll wheel. But many editors don’t know it. I’ve mentioned this before, but thanks to Greg Staten at Avid, I’ve discovered a few additional uses for your favorite computer rodent.

  1. You can use the scroll wheel to move up and down through text view bins, the project window, or the timeline. The scroll wheel is much more sensitive now and works the way you expect. And the sensitivity can be adjusted through the mouse settings panel.
  2. If you hold down the control key and scroll through a bin in text view you will move horizontally through the columns.
  3. If you first select a clip and then hold the control key down and scroll through a bin (in text view), you’ll move vertically through the list of clips, selecting individual items in turn. When you’ve got the item you want, hit return to load it into a monitor. Add the shift key and you can select more than one item. (This also works in frame view, but it’s hard to control.)
  4. If you use a mighty mouse or trackpad, you can scroll horizontally in the timeline. This moves the timeline to the left or right. This is a terrifically useful feature, but it’s marred a bit by the fact that scrolling works backwards relative to other programs (try it to see what I mean).
  5. If you hold down the control key while you’re scrolling horizontally in the timeline, you’ll move the blue bar a frame at a time. Hold both control & alt and you move by ten frames.
  6. In effect mode or color correction mode, you can select a slider or control point and, with the control key held down, change its value by scrolling. Add the option key and you’ll change values by ten instead of one.

All in all, very useful and intuitive.

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3 Comments on “More Scroll Wheel Tips”

  1. L.R. Pebler Says:

    Jesus H…Avid now supports the space-age, bleeding edge “scroll wheel”. What will they think of next?

  2. Jeff Says:

    It seems in version 5.5 horizontal scrolling with the Apple mouse scroll wheel now scales the timeline. There must be a way to return the horizontal timeline scrolling functionality. Any ideas?

  3. Steve Says:

    I don’t see it scaling. It moves the whole timeline left/right (two finger scroll with a trackpad, shift-scroll with a scroll wheel). But moving the blue bar is gone. It was a slick thing. Post a feature request in the Avid Feature Request forum.

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