Cut and Paste, Avid Style

Final Cut relies on cut and paste in the timeline and that can be a very useful convenience. But these days the Media Composer is no slouch when it comes to timeline manipulation. And because the MC allows you to patch one track to another, it is arguably more flexible and intuitive. One helpful trick is to use the “clipboard contents” button.

Clipboard Contents

I put it under the source monitor, so it’s always available. Got a clip (say, a sound effect or a piece of sound fill) that you want to use elsewhere? Select the track, mark the clip and hit command-c. It’s now in your clipboard. Then just hit the clipboard contents icon to bring it into your source monitor. From there, you can use it any way you like (and cut it into any track you like via the patch panel).

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3 Comments on “Cut and Paste, Avid Style”

  1. Greg Staten Says:

    Going one step further, if you type Option+C (Alt+C on Windows) you will not only copy the marked region into the clipboard, but it will automatically be loaded into the Source monitor, ready to use.

    Saves a menu pick.


  2. editblog Says:

    Plus you can toggle the source/record view in the timeline and see a timeline view of what’s in the clipboard. That’s power.

  3. Adam S. Says:

    I use this feature a lot. I just have just mapped my *alt buttom in my command pallete over my copy shortcut on my keyboard. This allows me to not only copy my selection but also like mentioned earlier load it ito the source monitor. I can’t think of a time when I don’t want this to happen with my current project.

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