The Next Debate Will Not Be Broadcast

Turns out that there will be another Democratic debate — next weekend, Sept 9, in Miami. How do I know? It was buried in an article in Sunday’s NY Times — on page 18! A big 2-page “Election Calendar” (which wasn’t published online) didn’t even mention it. It took me ten minutes of Internet research to get the particulars.

It’s being broadcast — by Univision — but apparently won’t be aired in LA. Yea, I guess nobody’s interested in a debate from Miami. What a backwater! It sure has nothing to do with presidential politics.

We have a US post office today because our nation’s founders thought that an informed public was an essential prerequisite for democracy. Today, we’re supposed to get our candidate information from late night television, network pundits and 30-second spots.

Isn’t it self-evident that these debates should be aired live nationwide and should be on the Internet as soon as they’re over?

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