New Bugs

With every Avid I’ve ever used, problems grow as your project, bins and sequences become larger and more complex. Avid has never done a good job testing in this kind of environment.

My brand new Adrenaline system worked like a charm for the first month or so. That was a welcome change from the past. But now that I’m working with 20-minute reels and large bins I’m seeing new issues. For example:

  • EDL manager won’t load a bin until you quit from MC. If you don’t quit MC first, you crash. Yes, you read that right. It’s a known bug — but it somehow doesn’t affect everybody. And it seems that nobody knows what causes it or how to deal with it except to quit MC when you want to make a list.
  • Project funkiness. My assistant and I are sharing a project over Unity. The other day the assistant’s system started crashing during saves. Any saves — but only from our main project. Two days of attempted fixes later we narrowed down the problem to a gremlin — something to do with the name of the assistant’s machine. The solution was to create a new project. Not difficult, but it sure took a lot of juju to figure it out.
  • Unable to copy multiple bins to Unity. Yes, you read that right, too. It turns out that with Mac clients, you can’t copy more than about fifty or sixty bins at a time from the client workstation to the server. If you try to do more you’ll run into a Mac “-36” error, and the copy will stop before it completes. Avid says that this is a known bug and the way around it is to copy your material to a closed folder. I haven’t tested this yet, but I’m a bit skeptical. Bottom line, if you want to restore from a local backup of your project, be prepared to copy it in batches of fifty bins at a time. Doing that and not missing anything can take some real concentration.
  • Can’t make a list from FilmScribe with any templates except HTML. The solution is a new set of templates that Avid says they’ll distribute with the next point release (after 2.7.3). Your supplier should be able to get this — but there has apparently been no announcement of its availability.
  • Slow performance with large bins. Once your bins get bigger than about twelve or fifteen megabytes performance deteriorates. The system is slow to move icons around, slow to load sequences into monitors. It’s a subtle thing — a matter of feel — and probably more noticeable when you’re in frame view. But it can be very annoying, nonetheless.

These aren’t catastrophic problems, and we’ve found the workarounds. But they sure put a kink into our lives over the last couple of weeks.

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3 Comments on “New Bugs”

  1. editblog Says:

    My EDL manager problems seem to be the EDL Manager app errors when I try to load from the timeline. I can save the bin then do a file > open and open the bin from the dialog box and select the sequence there… not a big deal but not as quick as loading from the timeline.

  2. Mark Burton Says:

    We are on Lanshare with two HP XW8200 Adrenaline’s v2.7. As our shared project has grown, the system has become more and more bogged down to the point now where we are seeing 40-50% memory usage and having to restart MC once or twice a day to continue.

    The rental company is going to replace the XW8200’s with XW8400’s. There is a bug with the XW8200 which prevents you from using the Install3GB.bat utility to address more than 2GB of memory. This isn’t a problem with the XW8400.

    I understand that one thing that can really slow down a system is having lots of folders and subfolders. We use folders extensively and have too many bins not to, so I can’t really work round this, although we have now ‘archived’ off as much as we could to another project. Encouragingly, in the release notes for the new x.7.5 release (out now’ish) it does say this:

    “When you opened a large project and began opening folders and subfolders, system
    performance might have slowed noticeably. This has been improved.”

    Shame it says “improved” and not “fixed”!!
    Anyone working in a DNx36 project who can report on any large project issues.

    It says this about EDL Manager, which may or may not indicate an improvement to the crashing you have:

    “You can now open EDL Manager from within an Avid editor and select Get Current
    Sequence from EDL Manager without getting a DISK_FILE_NOT_FOUND error.”

    FilmScribe seems to be functioning well in the new release. Why on earth will they not reinstate the classic FilmScribe icon. Bizarre.

  3. Mark Burton Says:

    We switched to the XW8400 and found that it was certainly better, especially as we are able to utilise the 3GB or ram again. However the project was still slowing down dramatically.

    Installed 2.7.5 and have noticed a very tangible improvement. Bins open and close much snappier, and the project does not leak memory like it used to.

    2.7.5 has had some very extensive testing, its not a CPR. It addresses a lot of issues and so far I would give it a big thumbs up.

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