Advanced Keyframes Video

Avid’s advanced keyframes offer unprecedented control over visual effects in the Media Composer, but many editors don’t even know they exist. To help you get started working with them, I’ve put together a little introductory video tutorial. It’s about 13 minutes long. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Click below, or for a bigger image, watch it on Vimeo

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6 Comments on “Advanced Keyframes Video”

  1. Harry Miller Says:

    Excellent, Steve. I’m always amazed at how many functions MC has we don’t know about or forget about, such as right-click on the Add Keyframe button which was new to me. Thanks.

  2. Ra-ey Saleh Says:

    Great Tutorial. I could never get Slipping Keyframes to work, now I know what I was doing wrong…


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  4. Sean Albertson Says:

    Thanks again, Steve. This new advanced key framing makes such a difference!

  5. Steve Says:

    Definitely. There’s a learning curve, for sure, but it’s not that steep and the payoff is worth it.

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