The Clip Info Window

Here’s a feature that’s been around forever, but many people don’t seem to be aware of it. Say you want to find a piece of data logged for a particular clip. You open the appropriate bin, but the column containing the info you’re interested in isn’t displayed. You could open the bin’s Fast Menu, select Headings and display the appropriate column. But there’s a quicker way. Just Command-Option-click on the clip’s icon (in any view, including frame view). A window will open showing you all the data logged for that clip.

Better yet, you can do the same thing for clips in the source or record monitors. In this case, click and hold in the space between the source and record monitor position bars. Do it on the left side of that area and your window reveals data for the clip in the source monitor. Do it on the right side and you’ll see data for the clip in the record monitor.

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3 Comments on “The Clip Info Window”

  1. Oh no! You revealed my favorite way to make other editors say “Wait! How did you do that?”

  2. JdBrewer Says:

    Great post.
    You can also click and hold on any clip icon for the same result.

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