Name Change Coming Soon

Due to an unfortunate trademark controversy with a post house in Minneapolis, the Splice Here blog will shortly be rechristened Splice Now. I’ll be doing a minor redesign to go with the name change, but in other respects, the blog won’t change. The content will continue to be a mix of technical tips and thoughts on digital editing, along with a dash of media criticism. Your old links will continue to work, at least for a while, but for safety, you should update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions. More on that when the change goes live.

For those of you who remember the SMPTE academy leader, the words “Splice Here” were printed on the frame where the leader attached to the body of the show — and many of us cut and spliced a whole lot of Splice Here’s over the years. The new name doesn’t resonate the same way, but I like to think it expresses something deeper. Physical splicing is mostly gone, but putting video and audio together at exactly the right moment is, and always will be, the essence of what we do.

I hope Splice Now suggests that splicing is an idea, above and beyond its physical manifestation. Whether we use glue, scotch tape, or ones and zeros, at the end of the day we are shaping performance and story, space and time, juxtaposing images and ideas. This blog is mostly about the technique of editing, but none of it means anything if it doesn’t allow us to create stories that affect audiences.

The new url will be It’ll work today, and the name change will be official very soon.

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3 Comments on “Name Change Coming Soon”

  1. I’ll wait up for the change.

    Interesting that “Avid” is listed as one of the categories for this post. Hmmm, let me think about that.

  2. Shane Ross Says:

    Man…that stinks. Build up a “brand” to find that someone else has that brand too. Makes me think that I need to somehow copyright my blog’s name…somehow.

  3. J. Ott Says:

    Too bad they won’t let you co-exist. They already appear tops on a Google search, so I’m not sure what your changing the name gets them, other than inconveniencing a very excellent person in the field.

    But I’ll console myself that it is a cosmetic change only. Keep up the great posts!

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