Editors and Assistants Panel

Last month I participated in a well-attended panel discussion on the evolution of the editor/assistant relationship. A nicely edited video from the session has been posted by the sponsor, the post house AlphaDogs. Expertly moderated by Debra Kaufman, the panel included me, Diana Friedberg (co-author of the new book, Make the Cut: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor in Film and TV), and our terrific assistants Peter Mergus and Carsten Kurpanek.

The conventional wisdom today is that it’s much harder to move from assistant to editor than it was when we cut film, but that wasn’t the point of view of this panel. If you’re hoping to move up the ladder, this video (and Diana’s book) should be very helpful. Check out the video here.

Editors Lounge is a wonderful meeting place and resource, hosted once a month in Burbank by AlphaDogs‘ founder Terry Curren.

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  1. Marco Würz Says:

    Thanks for sharing ;)

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