Interview Clips

Larry Jordan, editor of features and television and the founder of is building a new web site, with lots of interesting content: Hollywood Reinvented. He’s posted six short clips from an interview he did with me recently. Subjects include:

  • How has digital technology changed the style of editing?
  • How does someone learn the craft of editing?
  • How have tools like Final Cut Pro effected the editing craft?

The full interview will go up soon, but you can see the sample clips by registering on the site. You’ll also find a fascinating interview with Avid co-founder Bill Warner covering the company’s very early days.

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2 Comments on “Interview Clips”

  1. Marco Würz Says:

    Man thats realy a nice interview and its so true what your saying, its nice to see that you like to support and teech us younger folks editing. – btw thanks your book is great ;)

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