Matt Feury’s Tricks and Tips

Matt Feury has become Avid’s Media Composer ambassador at large, creating a series of interviews with filmmakers that he calls “The Rough Cut.” (You can subscribe on iTunes, but for some reason, they’re not listing some recent episodes.)

Lately, he’s been busy creating a new and growing library of useful Media Composer screencasts.  Four recent episodes named “Timeline Tips and Techniques” are particularly helpful. The techniques vary in difficulty: you’ll probably know some of it, but whatever your level of expertise, I suspect you’ll find something to chew on. They’re informal and breezy and make for interesting viewing. You can subscribe via iTunes by clicking here.

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2 Comments on “Matt Feury’s Tricks and Tips”

  1. Marco Würz Says:

    The Rough cut is a great series and the massiv amount of free media composer tutorials (some made buy avid themselfs) are great and make avids classroom courses useless.

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