Interview on Hollywood Reinvented

My friend Larry Jordan, editor and creator of the new blog Hollywood Reinvented, has just posted an extended video interview with me. Topics covered include digital editing in general, Final Cut vs. Media Composer, the need for editors, and the future of post production. It’s all nicely edited into tasty, bite-sized pieces (if you let it play, it’ll move from clip to clip without interruption). The full post is here. I hope you enjoy it.

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2 Comments on “Interview on Hollywood Reinvented”

  1. Jamie T Says:

    Nice interview, excellent insights, I wanted too hear more. I really liked hearing your comments on bifurcation of the industry. Not that I take great pleasure in the message, it’s just nice to hear someone else share a similar view.

    The idea of devaluing of the perceived value of an editor being tied to the cost of equipement was spot on as well. I do think the file based workflow is part of this change, people seem to attribute more value to things that exist as a 3 dimensional products. People just seem to have a really hard time placing a value on bits.

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