Splice Here Becomes Splice Now

Today, the Splice Here blog officially becomes Splice Now. The old name was taken from the last frame of the standard SMPTE Picture Academy — the leader that was once attached to the head of every reel of cut film in most US editing rooms. The new name doesn’t have the same historical resonance, but I hope it conveys a sense of the transformative energy that has been buffeting post production lately. (As I mentioned earlier, the name change was necessitated when a post house in Minneapolis trademarked the phrase “splice here,” making those words proprietary.)

Of course, we rarely splice anything physical anymore — we just attach strings of ones and zeros together. Splicing has become a metaphor, but it remains the essence of what we do, connecting material at just the right moment, creating conflict or synthesis, generating new ideas and manipulating space and time. Without it, filmmaking would be a very different animal.

Needless to say, the substance of this blog won’t change: I’ll continue to focus on digital post production from the unique perspective of the editing room, with a healthy dose of Media Composer technical tips. And as before, I’ll include occasional thoughts about media and society, as well.

Please be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. The old ones should continue to work for a while, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The new url is http://splicenow.com. The new feed is feed://splicenow.com/feed/ (For more about RSS, click here.)

I’d like to take this moment to thank you, my readers. With file-based cameras taking over and competition heating up between editing system manufacturers, post production is experiencing yet another wave of change, and editors need all the information they can get. I hope to reward your loyalty with plenty of useful discussion here. Many thanks for your attention and for your comments.

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7 Comments on “Splice Here Becomes Splice Now”

  1. Perrone Ford Says:

    As an editor new to Avid (June 2010) I’d like to personally thank you for this site, the links, articles, and everything you’ve done for the Avid community. I have learned a TON here and at the other Avid hotspots. I’d be lost without places like this.

    I am currently cutting my first big Avid project, a local indie film, and it’s really starting to show me the power of the Avid over my previous platform.

    Best of luck with the new site, and I’ll get my RSS set up tomorrow.


  2. Marco Würz Says:

    Thanks for this great blog! Keep it up stay motivated ;)

  3. Peter Lund Says:

    editing is an art; splice now is giving answers to many questions i asked my selve while editing. thanx for so much passion on editing.

  4. Steve Says:

    Great to hear. Many thanks, guys — much appreciated.


  5. Robert Harmon Says:

    Hey, Steve…

    What’s in a name, anyway? It’s the quality of the blog that counts, and there you have us all totally covered.

    Good luck with the new name… and everything else!


  6. Judith Allen Says:

    I always thought that if you could prove you were using the name before someone trademarked it, then you were exempt. Probably for the best though – if there’s any chance of confusion. I hope you didn’t have to surrender the URL just because someone wanted it!

    (Quick tech point – when I added the new RSS to my Google Reader the name still came up as ‘Splice Here’)

    It seems silly that someone can trademark something so widely used in the first place, but then look at Apple/ Apple.

    • Steve Says:

      Thanks for the support — I did have to surrender the URL, but not right away. And the name is changed now — thanks for the heads up on that!


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