Recess, Anyone?

Now that y’all are back from stuffing yourselves with stuffing, here’s a weird news item: researchers have been experimenting with having sedentary workers take two 10-minute exercise breaks every day. It turns out that in carefully controlled experiments, the energy and focus you gain from a couple of short breaks more than outweighs the time you lose taking the break. People come back refreshed, are able to focus better and are measurably more productive. Work-related injuries, including repetitive stress problems, go down, too. What makes the whole thing strange is that people take the break together: a work group will all stop at the same time and do something similar to yoga or stretching. Several companies have adopted the technique, and trials are going on at 70 places in LA.

As we in post production spend more and more time staring at screens, physical problems only increase. I can’t really see us ever doing such a thing, but maybe for that very reason I get a kick out of imagining everybody in an editing building stopping twice a day to work out.

Details are in this NY Times article, which is derived from a book describing the idea — “Instant Recess.”

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2 Comments on “Recess, Anyone?”

  1. Loren Says:

    Twenty minutes would be better– you get a fuller aerobic from a 20-minute walk or bike.

    Still, if all I got was 10, I’d use it… ;-)

  2. Marco Würz Says:

    Well its like we learned in school we need brakes^^

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