Lightworks’ Public Beta Arrives

The Lightworks public beta is now available. You can register and download the software here. (Their server was down earlier this morning, but it seems to be working now.) On paper, the feature list is impressive and focused squarely on high-end editing. A few highlights:

  • Background saves (hallelujah!). Every keystroke is backed up automatically.
  • Asymmetric JKL trimming, slip, slide, etc.
  • Native support for MXF, Quicktime, AVI, R3D, DPX, DNxHD, ProRes, and others, up to 2K.
  • Node-based visual effects.
  • secondary color correction.
  • Stereo video without the need for muxed files.
  • subframe audio keyframing
  • realtime audio effects
  • audio bus routing
  • project sharing

You’ll need a PC to run it on, and of course, the proof is in the pudding, but I’d give a lot just for background saves.

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5 Comments on “Lightworks’ Public Beta Arrives”

  1. Scott Simmons Says:

    I have to say this Lightworks release looks VERY interesting. Can’t wait for the OSX version!

  2. Perrone Ford Says:

    This release has been the singularly most disappointing thing I’ve witnessed in the video industry in many years. Such great potential, but wow what a letdown.

  3. I am super excited about finally having a fully functional open source video editor. And the possibilities look fantastic. My two favorites thus far: Multiple video tracks and customized hotkeys/layout. Super cool to see that in a free NLE.

    But it’s buggy. The hotkeys will work for a minute and then not anymore. That kind of thing. I need to start submitting bug reports .

    Honestly, though, I’m more just wrestling through the unfamiliar terminology and editing flow. I’ve been spoiled with the super easy drag-from-bin-to-timeline and then subtractively-edit/tweak process that even the 3-point editing method is slowing me down. And how do I find that bin again? And why can’t I just drag out of my import folder into a bin? And why can’t I import into a bin? And why is it making yet another new bin? I must say, it’s pretty crazy to open an NLE and have it as blank as Photoshop. Where’s the timeline?

    Much of this is purely my complete ignorance of how this system works. But after the ease and familiarity of Premiere and Final Cut (not to mention even things like Movie Maker) the sheer cumbersome nature of the program is bogging me down.

    My two cents after playing around with it while reading surprisingly well-produced usage guide.


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