Post Magazine Reviews Avid Agility

Post Magazine uploaded a wonderful, glowing review of my book, Avid Agility, to their site yesterday. Calling it “the most ambitious and comprehensive book on Avid Media Composer I’ve read,” writer and editor Jonathan Moser focused on the straight, easy-to-understand style, the detailed illustrations, and, most important, the depth of material I present. I’ve pasted some of his thoughts below; the full review is on the Post website.

I started learning new things almost immediately about the ins and outs of Media Composer that I didn’t know (or ignored) after almost 21 years of cutting on it. The breadth of coverage is huge.

This is much more than a operating manual — it’s like having a seasoned pro sitting next to you, revealing his trade secrets, explaining and enlightening you, all for the cost of a book.

If you’re a Media Composer editor, rookie or old pro, “Avid Agility” will make you a better editor, guaranteed.

Cohen’s personal philosophy of editing is as much an ingredient of the book as these concise explorations of the editing system. … Rather than just tell us,”This is how it’s done,” Cohen shows us why he does things the way he does. Much of his methodology is outside the box — bypassing Avid’s conventional wisdom.

Avid should include this with every Composer system sold.

Thanks to Jonathan and to Randi Altman at Post — for getting it and for helping to spread the word.

Full Review

Details and Samples

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2 Comments on “Post Magazine Reviews Avid Agility”

  1. joe Says:

    congrats on the awesome review. i’ve been reading your blog for awhile, and always found it equal parts entertaining and informative. the praise is well earned!

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