Loren Miller on Avid Agility

Loren Miller, multi-talented editor, teacher, and creator of the KeyGuide series of keyboard shortcut pages, just reviewed Avid Agility for Imagine News and the Boston Final Cut User Group. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve writes for working Avid editors. He celebrates new capabilities like the latest Trim mode features, teases out jewels in the crown, reminding Avid editors of classic power tips and techniques which go back over twenty years, and boldly goes into advanced features. Some of the material takes my breath away—simply because “I didn’t know that!!” Avid Agility is a superb gift for any Avid editor, student or pro.

Thanks for the kind words, Loren. The full review is here. You can pick up the book from Amazon, or learn more about it on the blog, here.

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