Final Cut Pro Rumors

We haven’t seen a new version of Final Cut Pro in over two years, and with Apple hiring new UI engineers not so long ago, rumors of a new version have cropped up repeatedly. Apple apparently showed off the new version recently and impressed some people. Mac Rumors breaks the news, here. And Larry Jordan mentions in on his blog, here. Nothing specific — just enough to whet your appetite, in classic Apple fashion. Steve Jobs’ competitive strategy has always been based on the idea that Apple has to aggressively lead, breaking old rules and creating new paradigms. Will this FCP do that? What would a new user interface look like? Will it offer a new  interaction model to replace the old play-stop-adjust-play-stop-adjust cycle we’re all so used to? Multi-touch? Will it use modern CPUs and GPUs to speed things up the way Premiere does? And most important for those of us in the trenches — will it interface with current technology or force changes throughout the pipeline? Looks like we’ll be finding out soon.

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3 Comments on “Final Cut Pro Rumors”

  1. Loren Says:

    64-bit savvy and QuickTime engine for the 21rst century will be satisfactory, thankyouverymuch…

  2. Grant Says:

    There were those rumours months ago that many of the core apps (Motion, Colour etc) were being combined into the one interface. If they can do this successfully without creating an unwieldy monster then that would be something to see. FCP forced Avid to take the low end seriously again, a good result considering they could have disappeared into some high-end server world, stranding the smaller facilities and owner-editors. It will be interesting to see if their marketing is as hyperbole laden as the original launch. Fool me once…

  3. Steve Says:

    There’s a little more here, including a prediction that we’ll see it in the Spring.

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