Media Copy

With cutting rooms more and more portable, many of us like to take a portion of a project’s media home and work on it from there. In Media Composer this can be a real pain because it’s so hard to identify the media files that go with a large group of clips. There’s a way to do it that I described in a previous post, but it’s complicated, and Avid should have simplified it long ago. Now Wes Plate and his company, Automatic Duck, seem to have done what Avid couldn’t with their program Media Copy. With Version 3, just released, you can identify a bin or bins and ask the program to collect all media files associated with all the clips in those bins and copy them to another drive. That seems simple enough, but we’ve been waiting for it so long now, it seems damn near miraculous.

Fair warning — I haven’t used the program, so I can’t speak for its reliability. But Automatic Duck has made some supremely usable utilities over the years and I suspect this one is no different. Thanks to Oliver Peters for drawing my attention to it and to Wes for getting it done.

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7 Comments on “Media Copy”

  1. Loren Says:

    Wasn’t Media Mover the original media file transfer utility? Still around:

    You could isolate and copy/move media for specific projects. It rocked.

  2. Steve Says:

    Does Mover copy media that relates to a specific bin?


    • Steve Marshall Says:

      Media Mover doesn’t work at ‘bin level’ – it is project specific and such a task could be very time consuming if you have to analyze multiple media drives and then copy files.
      Steve Marshall

  3. Chris Says:

    I use “AAF copy” for this purpose.

    That way the media is copied and new master clips are not created, such as when one consolidates.

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