Dealing with Big Monitors

This is a little one, but it’s made an outsized difference to my work. Some of you are undoubtedly cutting on laptops, but for those sitting in front of a couple of 24″ screens, a common complaint is that so much screen real estate makes it easy to lose track of the mouse cursor.

Though many people don’t seem to be aware of it, you can easily change the cursor size with an OSX control panel. Go to System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse and Trackpad Tab. You’ll see a Cursor Size slider. Bump it to the right and your cursor will get a whole lot easier to locate. It’ll look a bit more aliased, but that’s a small price to pay for greater usability. (You can do the same thing in Windows with the Mouse Control Panel.)

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3 Comments on “Dealing with Big Monitors”

  1. Dave Lebolt Says:

    Good tip, Steve… another good thing to use with multi-monitor set-ups is a small but very system control panel app called “Mouse Locator”…

    It lets you keep your cursor normal sized but find it instantly with a green “target” halo around it… very handy.

    – Dave L.

  2. Interesting. I’ve long used a tablet so my pointer jumps to wherever I “tell” it to go by placing my pen down somewhere. I much prefer the precise location of the tablet over the variable nature of my mouse for many projects and tasks.


  3. Ed Marx Says:

    I have to say that I finally found an advantage to being left handed.

    I use a 5×7 wacom tablet for my left hand. I do the lion’s (pun only mildly intended) share of work with the pen. It’s real estate specific and allows my power hand to be intuitive with all movements around the screens. Then my right hand is free for the mouse and the number pad.

    On those rare occasions I’m not on my machine, I’ll have to utilize this cool work around.

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