Tip #6 – Enlarge Waveforms

The Media Composer still doesn’t display audio waveforms fast enough, but speed has improved considerably over the years and I now leave them on quite often. One problem that comes up regularly is that quiet sources can be hard to see unless you make your tracks tall, which hogs screen real estate.

The trick is to enlarge the waveforms only. Just select the track and instead of hitting command-l, which enlarges the track, hit command-option-l. The waveforms get taller, but the track size remains the same.

Here’s a section of a timeline with waveforms displayed. The audio is so soft you can’t see anything.


Here’s the same section after hitting command-shift-l a few times:


Voila, you can see!

To shink the waveforms again hit command-option-k. To get your waveforms back to standard size hit command-option-k several times, until they won’t shrink any further.

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6 Comments on “Tip #6 – Enlarge Waveforms”

  1. Sandra M Says:

    I’m using a v3.1 Adrenaline, so maybe this is different in the various versions. My avid does this handy trick when you hit Command-Option-L/K.

  2. Steve Says:

    Jeez, you’re absolutely right. Thanks so much for pointing out the mistake. It’s fixed now.

  3. Jim N Says:

    Command-option-L/K is for MAC. I’m running 5.0.3 on PC and can not come up with an equivalent command.

  4. Great post. I especially found it useful, thanks.

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