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That Post Show Rated #1

July 26, 2012

Brian Mulligan, writing for, has been listening to the many podcasts now covering new media and post production and has given his highest rating to Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show.” I’m proud to be a participant. A new show just went live, featuring me and Mark Spencer from Ripple Training. If you’re looking for some thoughtful dialog about the current state of post production, check it out at iTunes.


That Post Show — A Little Squirt of Dopamine

January 25, 2012

Last week, I participated in another episode of Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show” podcast — this time covering the skill-set you’ll need in order to succeed in the real world of the professional editing room. The episode is entitled “Squirt of Dopamine” and also features Mike J. Nichols, Paul Zadie and, of course, Kanen. I think you’ll find it interesting listening. Check it out via iTunes or get it from the shownotes page.

Final Cut X vs. Media Composer 6 Podcast

December 27, 2011

If you’re looking for a sane and reasoned comparison of Media Composer 6 and Final Cut X — from the real world of the editing room trenches — look no further than the latest edition of Kanen Flowers’ “That Post Show” podcast. I was a participant, along with Scott Simmons, Paul del Vecchio and Kanen. The show is available from the  iTunes store, or you can download it on the show notes page. This episode is facetiously titled “Edit Pro Supergood.” Fair warning: it’s long, and Skype failed us a few times, but it’s consistently substantive and, from my biased perspective, makes for interesting listening.

That Post Show

September 21, 2011

Host Kanen Flowers released another installment of his podcast “That Post Show” yesterday, and once again I was a participant. The episode, entitled “Cinematic Communal Experience” is a thoughtful look at the art and science of editing and, in particular, how web-based entertainment is changing cinema. We did our best to stay away from the FCP-X debacle, but there’s a taste of it in the post-show montage. Check it out on Kanen’s web site, or download it from iTunes

“That Post Show” on Editing Applications

August 25, 2011

If you’re looking for some thoughtful and provocative discussion about the future of editing applications, and specifically about Final Cut vs. Media Composer vs. Premier, check out yesterday’s episode of the podcast, “That Post Show.” Hosted by Kanen Flowers, participants were Paul Del Vecchio, Scott Simmons, Paul Zadie, Shane Ross and me. The episode is entitled “Unstoppable Hydraulic Pressure,” which is a quote from something I said about the power of market share in the post landscape. You can get it for free from the iTunes store.