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Avid Agility for Kindle

May 21, 2011

Today, I’m very excited to announce the release of Avid Agility for Kindle. As many of you know, I’ve been busy working on this version for months now, hoping to create an ebook that fully incorporates the printed book’s illustrations and looks as good on screen as it does on paper. I’m proud to say that the version I’m releasing today is every bit as effective as the traditional one, especially on larger color screens, and it has some important advantages: it’s easier to carry around, you can quickly search for anything you’re interested in, all cross references are active and clickable — and it’s less expensive.

Remember that you can read Kindle books on all kinds of devices, not just the Kindle itself, where the black and white screen is a limitation. Avid Agility looks particularly good on the iPad, where the big color screen works wonders for the illustrations, and it’s also available on the iPhone and on Android phones and tablets. The free Kindle apps for Mac and PC mean that you can have the book where you need it most — on your editing system, while you work.

The new Kindle version is also available in many European countries, where you can get it without having to pay shipping charges.

The book has gotten terrific reviews: from some of the most important editors in Hollywood to relative neophytes. You can be reading it in seconds by ordering from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Find out more about it here. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Avid Agility and Media Composer 5.5

April 19, 2011

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of the second edition of my book, Avid Agility, now updated to cover the exciting new features in Media Composer 5.5. Like the first edition, it represents most of what I know about Media Composer; it’s profusely illustrated, well organized, and beautifully printed in color. You’ll find details and sample pdfs here.

The reviews have been terrific:

  • Jonathan Moser, Post Magazine:
    “Like having a seasoned pro sitting next to you, revealing his trade secrets. Avid Agility will make you a better editor, guaranteed!”
  • Ray Zone, Editors Guild Magazine:
    “May well be the ultimate book on customizing Avid’s unique capabilities for individual creative editing.”
  • Edgar Burcksen, CinemaEditor Magazine:
    “Will guide you to the next exciting level in the art of editing.
  • Norman Hollyn (USC):
    “An amazing work — for both new and old Media Composer users.”
  • Frank Capria (Avid):
    “An easy read, logically laid out, and useful to novice and experienced editor alike. I highly recommend this book.”
  • Steve Hullfish:
    “A very readable, incredibly illustrated book. Consistently delivers magical little tricks that make you say, ‘I wish I’d known that yesterday!’”
  • Lawrence Jordan:
    “The quickest path to becoming a Media Composer Jedi Master. Clear, comprehensively-illustrated and easy-to-understand.”

Avid Agility, Second Edition is available from the publisher, CreateSpace and from Amazon. As a way of saying thanks to my loyal readers here, I’m temporarily offering a 20% discount at CreateSpace. Be sure to enter this discount code: 27DDGFWY. Economy shipping is inexpensive and will get you the book in a week or so.

I hope you like the new edition, and I’m eager to hear your feedback. Add your comments to this post or write me directly at


Avid Agility and Media Composer 5.5

March 23, 2011

Some of you may be wondering whether I’m planning an update to “Avid Agility” for Media Composer 5.5. The answer is yes. It’ll be a relatively minor update, with changes confined to the new features (mainly Find, PhraseFind, the Transition Tool and Legacy/Classic Trim Mode). There will also be adjustments in the illustrations to reflect the new arrangement of the Smart Tool. Those of you who are editing with Version 5 will probably want to stick with the current book because the screen images match the software you’re using. Those of you who expect to use Version 5.5 will want the new version. It should be available at Amazon in about three weeks and will be listed as the “Second Edition.” The first edition will continue to be available through the publisher, CreateSpace.

Another Great Review of Avid Agility

March 7, 2011

The Editors Guild magazine has just published a great review of my book, Avid Agility, in their March/April issue. To quote it briefly: “Avid Agility is very much a definitive book about the Media Composer environment. [It] may well be the ultimate book on customizing Avid’s unique capabilities for individual creative editing.”

My special thanks to Ray Zone and the Editors Guild Magazine for their terrific writeup. You can get the book at Amazon. If you’re looking to get beyond the basic Media Composer documentation, this is the best and easiest way to do it. Details are here.

CinemaEditor Reviews Avid Agility

February 21, 2011

My special thanks to Edgar Burcksen for a great review of Avid Agility in the American Cinema Editor’s magazine, CinemaEditor. Hot off the presses, the latest issue was distributed at A.C.E.’s terrific Eddie Awards ceremony Saturday night and should be in members’ mailboxes and on select newsstands shortly. My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and honorees, including Burcksen himself, who, along with Vincent Lo Brutto, took home the Robert Wise Award for writing about editing.

Here are a few quotes from the review:

A comprehensive guide to making the Avid fade into the background when you’re working your editorial magic.

I was amazed at how, as a veteran editor who has worked on many iterations of [Media Composer] … I was still able to discover valuable features.

Cohen’s book will guide you to the next exciting level of the art of editing.

I hope all readers feel the same way. You’ll find more reviews, as well as pdf samples, on this page.

You can pick up Avid Agility at Amazon.

Loren Miller on Avid Agility

December 31, 2010

Loren Miller, multi-talented editor, teacher, and creator of the KeyGuide series of keyboard shortcut pages, just reviewed Avid Agility for Imagine News and the Boston Final Cut User Group. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve writes for working Avid editors. He celebrates new capabilities like the latest Trim mode features, teases out jewels in the crown, reminding Avid editors of classic power tips and techniques which go back over twenty years, and boldly goes into advanced features. Some of the material takes my breath away—simply because “I didn’t know that!!” Avid Agility is a superb gift for any Avid editor, student or pro.

Thanks for the kind words, Loren. The full review is here. You can pick up the book from Amazon, or learn more about it on the blog, here.